Triple Walled Turkey Box Call

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Double Chamber Turkey Box Call

Here is our own time tested version of a double chambered turkey call. Made from native American hardwoods-cherry, walnut or maple-these calls are handmade, individually by a great friend of ours, Jim Eisert from Wapakoneta, Ohio. They have been field tested and hunter approved. Jim has killed many a turkey himself from all across the U.S. using these calls.

The special three walled construction lets you make multiple sounds to attract both gobblers and hens. The unique construction allows you to create perfect notes on every stroke.

Choose from maple, cherry or walnut.


  • They weigh about .25 lb.
  • They are about 9.5 inches long, 1.75 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

Jim Eisert, long time friend of the Barber family, is making turkey calls for H & B Forge Co. Turkey season is just around the corner. You will want to order one of these to guarantee a turkey in your freezer this fall!