Quality Hand Forged Tomahawks, Pipe Axes & Specialty Hawks

Hawks & Axes

Workmanship on our hand forged tomahawks and other products is done completely by owner, Jarrod Barber, and is guaranteed for life. We use type 1095 steel in our hawk and axe bits, which runs down the center of the blade. That is wrapped with 1018 steel. This is the same hand forging process used hundreds of years ago, ensuring the best -and most authentic- quality. New Handle finishing: We are now burnishing our handles which gives them an aged look. You will find them to be smoother, a little shinier and with an overall nicer finish. You can now order spare handles finished like this as well. All leather work is done by local Amish craftsmen. Our products are 100% American made!

Send Us Your Custom Tomahawk Design!

If you have a custom tomahawk design of your own in mind, Jarrod is happy to take a look at it and give you a quote. He has created many original, one-of-a-kind pieces throughout the years. You will need to be very specific with sizes and dimensions.