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GOS-GOING OUT SOLO.This hawk is designed to be your go-to camping tool. The newest Goshawk has a shorter blade with a little thicker bit-absolutely perfect for heavier work and splitting tasks. DETAILS: The blade is about 3.75 inches wide from the top to the bottom of the cutting edge and 7.25 inches long from the top of the blade to the end of the poll. The head weighs about .85 lbs. The 23" inch handle weighs about .75 lb. giving it an overall weight of 1.6 lbs. 3/8" bow drill Hammer Poll opposite blade for pounding in tent stakes and general hammering. There is a special designed sheath or blade cover available for this hawk.

Pine Fire: The H&B Forge GOSHawk...

In this edition we take a look at a beautifully hand forged GOShawk designed by Michael Herdson at Pine Fire and manufactured by H & B Forge. This video highlights some of the features of this fantastically functional camp tool.

Our thanks to Michael Herdson for the extensive review.

Another video by Jacob Peterson shows the versatility of the GOShawk