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GOS-GOING OUT SOLO.This hawk is designed to be your go-to camping tool. The newest Goshawk has a shorter blade with a little thicker bit-absolutely perfect for heavier work and splitting tasks. DETAILS: The blade is about 3.75 inches wide from the top to the bottom of the cutting edge and 7.25 inches long from the top of the blade to the end of the poll. The head weighs about .85 lbs. The 23" inch handle weighs about .75 lb. giving it an overall weight of 1.6 lbs. 3/8" bow drill Hammer Poll opposite blade for pounding in tent stakes and general hammering. There is a special designed sheath or blade cover available for this hawk.

Pine Fire: The H&B Forge GOSHawk...

In this edition we take a look at a beautifully hand forged GOShawk designed by Michael Herdson at Pine Fire and manufactured by H & B Forge. This video highlights some of the features of this fantastically functional camp tool.

Our thanks to Michael Herdson for the extensive review.

Another video by Jacob Peterson shows the versatility of the GOShawk


  • 5

    Posted by Nik Woods on Apr 26th 2024

    This is one of many of your products that I own. As always, it is what I expected from H&B Forge. I do not own a bad product produced by you. I have never wondered what I am get when I order from you when it comes too quality. Thanks

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    Wow! Great tool!

    Posted by Neil P. on Jul 18th 2023

    I’ve already said Wow! But let me say it again! Wow! I waited about three months for the Goshawk to arrive, and it’s been worth the wait! The craftsmanship of this blade is awesome! It came very sharp and the handle is also top-notch! I’ve wrapped the top third of it with para-cord and the blade cut my arm, and hand three different times! That’s how shape it came! I’ve only cut or feathered a few pieces of wood, but it’s already proven it’s worth to me. I imagine the future will be just as good! I can’t recommend highly enough!

  • 5

    Posted by Gary Kohr on May 26th 2023

    Excellent work, a true legacy to pass on. High quality worth the little wait. Made to use, then pass on. Thanx again . Gary (zeke)

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    Good tool

    Posted by Heath D Stuewe on Apr 20th 2023

    I got the HB Forge Gohawk in that I ordered in December. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due only to it being heavier than advertised. It's build quality and performance are 5 star. Mine weighs 2lbs without the leather mask for the blade. It arrived sharp but with a rough edge I smoothed up a bit. Once it would cleanly slice a magazine page I took it out and tried it on some smaller hackberry trees along the edge of a field that needed cleared for an electric fence. It's 23" handle make it a true 2 handed tool. It chops well, better than any hawk I've tried. I have an HB Forge large camp hawk as well that weighs about the same. The Camp hawk has a heavier head but shorter handle. The Goshawk is light enough to still work well for 1 handed use despite the longer handle. I think it's a great tool. I like the sharpened edge on the bottom of the head, and the bow drill divot. Not things I'll use a lot, but nice options to have. The sharpened edge on the bottom and 90 degree edge behind that would be useful for tinder prep and fire starting. For the only downside, I wish it was a little lighter as advertised. I was hoping it would be lighter than my Gransfors Bruks small forest axe for fly-in hunts in Alaska where gear is weighed and every ounce counts. It weighs the same. It's more versatile, but not quite as good a chopper or splitter due to the geometry of a hawk head's eye compared to the eye of an axe. It does both jobs well, just not as well. Since I'm more into function than looks I wrapped the bottom of the handle with hockey stick tape for a better grip, but otherwise I'm leaving it alone. Very nice, well made tool.

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    Goshawk tomahawk

    Posted by Matthew on Feb 17th 2023

    This tomahawk is absolutely a stunner! It’s built tough and can handle any wood pulverizing task, yet is really easy to carry. This is an heirloom tool! Get one!

  • 5

    Posted by Matt V. on Oct 18th 2022

    Beautiful craftsmanship!

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    Top Notch Tomahawk

    Posted by G on Sep 16th 2022

    very high quality uniquely functional versatile hand crafted tomahawk, well worth the wait, good things take time.

  • 5
    Excellent Craftsmanship

    Posted by Eric H on Sep 12th 2022

    Ordered as a gift for my son who is in the army. The tomahawk was week constructed and razor sharp out of the box. Took a few test swings on logs and couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommend - worth the wait!

  • 5

    Posted by Tate Brosten on May 10th 2022

    Very high quality. This axe is made to last and stand the test of time.