Life at H & B Forge Co

Jun 16th 2020

Life at H & B Forge Co

We may not have answered your email or phone call as quickly as usual lately. We try to be very quick about that but life around here has been a wee bit crazier than usual! Beginning the end of May, Jarrod’s oldest, William, graduated from High School.

The next two weeks we were at Friendship for the NMLRA National shoot. The weekend we came home we celebrated Jarrod’s 4th child’s 4th birthday.

The next weekend was William’s graduation party. It was also a farewell party as he left for Paris Island on July 9th after being sworn into the Marines. Semper Fi!

The next weekend I got married…..Yeah, I know, I never expected to be doing that again either! But we never know what God has lined up for us, do we?

The next weekend was our annual 4th of July bash complete with live music (Thank you, Pat Buzzard!), monster truck rides (Thank you, Jeremy Gearhart), a smoked pig and fireworks, of course!

Vacation Bible School started the day after the 4th of July Party. 6 grandchildren have been with me since the 7th. They are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 15. VBS ended last night but they won’t be going home until Saturday.

Saturday evening we will be celebrating my new husband’s son’s graduation from Fire Academy where he has been sweating it out for the last 2 months. We are so proud of him!

OK. I think, I THINK that after this weekend, life will return to some semblance of normalcy!

It has been in the 90s here much of the last several weeks so the forging has been hard on Jarrod. But we are plugging away. April orders are going to be finished up by early next week. Then we will start May orders and dealer orders. We thank you so much for putting up with us and all of our crazy lives…

Jarrod’s wife, Kassie, will be taking over some of my duties over the next few months so you may be hearing from her in emails or phone calls.She and I both have to figure out how to move out of our houses too. She and Jarrod will be moving into my house here and I will be moving into my husband’s house….sigh….so much change….bear with us. You are the best customers ever!!!