Jarrod’s Moose

Jul 13th 2020

Jarrod’s Moose

WOOO HOOO!!! Jarrod did it!! He got a “monster moose”!!! Its rack measures 52 inches-3 1/2 inches bigger than the one his Dad got. Sooo excited for him!

Will is definitely smiling down on him. Jarrod is the only person Will would have wanted to get one bigger than his!

Way to go, Jarrod!

He’s back home and very, VERY busy in the shop. We were over 500 hawks behind when he returned. There is a LOT of midnight oil being burned out there since his return. We are working as fast as we can. September orders are being shipped every day. You will get an email from me when we ship your order. it will include a delivery date and tracking number. THANK YOU for being so patient with us! You are the best customers in the world!!!