Jul 13th 2020

HB Forge Moose Hunt

Every year as September grew to a close Will would get the ‘hunting bug.’ You could see him getting more and more restless as the days grew cooler and shorter. The Northwoods was calling his name and he was only too happy to answer it. For many, many years it was an annual thing. After he was in the accident in 2002 it didn’t seem that he would ever be able to go again.

But none of us were counting on his extremely strong will. In 2004 he was able to join his buddies again.Though it was much harder for him to navigate the steep hills and rugged landscape, he managed to do it-and with style! He climbed a tall rock and sat there all day, calling a bull that turned out to be gigantic. He said he knew that he was a ‘big one’ when he began to see the tops of the trees swaying as the bull advanced toward him. One shot, well-placed, and the moose was his.

This picture captures that moment for eternity. Will’s last words to his best friend were, “Please see that Jarrod gets to go moose hunting in my place.” Well that has happened every year since. This will be Jarrod’s 4th time up. We are hoping he will get a ‘big one’ this time. He has put many. many long hours in at the shop for months and months. This time away is well-deserved and much needed. Please join me in wishing him good luck and good hunting.