Hand Forged Throwing Tomahawks & Camp Axes

Throwing Tomahawks- Camp Axes, Belt Axes & more..

The word tomahawk generally refers to a light, hatchet-like implement with a stone or metal head. Tomahawk is derived from the Algonquian word tamahak, which denoted a utensil used for cutting, Early Euro-Americans described Indian axes and war clubs made of stone or wood as tomahawks, but eventually the term came to be applied exclusively to metal hatchets. Because of their versatility and superiority to native equivalents (non-metal), European manufactured tomahawks quickly became prized trade items and remained so well into the nineteenth century.

Through painstaking research, H & B Forge Company has mastered early iron forging techniques used hundreds of years ago to manufacture many varieties of what has become known as the Native American Indian Tomahawk. Though most often identified with Native Americans, the tomahawk, in its variations, was equally the tool of choice by the American Mountain Man.