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We Were Not Able to Make our Goal

Well, try as we did we were not able to make our goal of getting all of the June orders out by the end of August. We still have around 20 to go. Jarrod took all week to finish several custom orders and fill a big dealer order. We have a show in Friendship, Indiana…

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We are Beginning August by Ending May

Where we are as of today: Well, we are beginning August by ending May! We have the last 2 weeks of May to go before we are finished with the orders from that month. We could easily finish those this week but there are some big dealer orders that need to go out this week…

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Light at The End of Tunnel

I would like to begin by offering my most humble apologies to those of you who have been waiting for your orders since April. We are experiencing an explosion of business the likes of which we have never seen before Our business has quadrupled almost overnight. We are not sure why. We do know that…

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