H & B Forge Now has T-Shirts and Sweatshirts


T-Shirt, Tan

We have been asked to carry T-Shirts for years and finally took the time to get some. They are being offered with FREE SHIPPING. Our H & B shirts are made of a 50%,cotton, 50% polyester blend so they don’t wrinkle easily and won’t shrink. We have found that they do seem to run a little bit small so keep that in mind when you are ordering. They come in 3 colors, red, tan and gray. They are all short sleeved. The tan ones have a pocket. All of them carry our H & B logo on the front right chest and the back is covered with our traditional H & B eagle. I drew that eagle when I was 10, the year my dad started the business. That was 1965….(Yes, I know, that makes me….OLD!!) We had no idea at the time that this business would ever take off, let alone last for 53 years and counting. I think it looks like the work of a 10 year old, but my kids outvoted me and chose this design over the others I offered. It is the one that everyone associates with us, I guess.

We also have hooded sweatshirts. They are only available in gray. They have the same logo on the front and the same H & B eagle on the back: