A Wee Bit Busy!

Well, this is it! I am on my way to the Emerald Isle and Scotland! I am so excited and a wee bit worried. I am the communicator at H & B Forge. Jarrod is the blacksmith and artist. He doesn’t email very well and we’re still working on that whole communication thing with him! So if you send an email in the next 2 weeks you may not get a timely response. Please understand. I will answer you as soon as I return. If it is imperative that you speak with someone you can call us at 419-895-1856. He is not likely to answer but will return messages. We are presently working on the April orders and will be for the next 2 weeks. After that we will be making hawks and knives for the National Muzzle Loading Shoot in Friendship, Indiana which is where you will find us June 8-17. Yes, that means I will only be home 4 days before I leave again for another 10…Yikes!