OH NO!!!!

Orders are coming in at a record pace. Normally I would find that exciting, but since it is 2 weeks until Christmas I am thinking that many of you may be thinking you just ordered a Christmas present that will be there in time for you to wrap it and put it under the tree…..YIKES!!!!

Please note that I DID post on this blog and on our Facebook site that we could only guarantee Christmas delivery of orders placed by November 18th. It does look as though we will be able to get all of the November orders out in time for Christmas, so that is obviously very good news for you late shoppers. BUT the December orders are quite another story. Jarrod and the crew are working even longer hours than usual and doing their very best but remember, these are all handmade, one at a time. No mass production here! So we can only do what is humanly possible. AND we have many dealers who need to have their orders in time to ship out to customers for Christmas as well.  It may be that you will need to put a picture of the hawk or knife you ordered in a box and wrap that for under the tree until the real thing arrives!

I don’t know how many of you read this blog but, short of sending emails to all of you individually, (which would require me hiring help and then we would have to raise prices!!) this is the  only way I have to communicate with all of you. So I am asking that you be patient with us and thanking you for your faithful patronage of our little business. We are overwhelmed, overjoyed, shocked and awed daily!!

God bless you all!