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Wedding Ideas

    Something to consider…..We have been so privileged to be a part of several weddings over the years. Brides and grooms have decided H & B tomahawks make AWESOME presents for their groomsmen. We can custom engrave the handles to personalize them and we can stamp the heads as well. Recent bride, Kathryn Potter Houck…

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In case you’re thinking of placing a Christmas order and were afraid you wouldn’t get it in time because we’ve been so far behind for so long, I am proud to say that WE ARE CAUGHT UP!!!! It took some doing but now that we are it should be MUCH easier to STAY caught up…

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Just in time for Christmas! The normal price is 60.00 but from 11/2 through 12/20 they will be 52.00. We have never done this before so be sure and take advantage of it! We have also added several new items to our webpage! Check them out!

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