Things are Hopping Here at The Forge

It’s been awhile since my last update. Things are hopping here at the Forge. Jarrod is adding onto the shop in between batches of hawks. He is putting on a 20 X 20 addition that will have big open doors on all 3 sides. He will move his forge out there so he can open all the doors and virtually forge outside if he wants to. It gets very hot in the shop when it is running. As a result he can only do small batches at a time before he gets too hot. He believes this will allow him to do more at one time. But the orders have increased even more lately so that project is on hold-at least until after Christmas.

We completed the first half of the August orders last Friday-10/31. The plan is to finish August orders this week along with some dealer orders. Next week we begin filling September orders and hope to get to the first of the October orders by the end of this month. So we ARE gaining some ground. The extra hands in the shop have been a big help. Jarrod continues to do all of the forging and grinding-the finish work, but having someone there to get things ready and to keep him supplied with parts and pieces is a huge help!

Somehow we are also going to fit in butchering this month as well. We will be doing 6 pigs here in a few weeks. Pork for everyone’s freezer for the winter. There is still wood to cut as well but we have enough done to get us through a few months.

As always we thank you for your patience and all of your kind words. We have the best customers in the world! You all have a blessed and peaceful week. God be with you.