If you are Ordering for Christmas, ORDER NOW!!!

This week was spent trying to get some inventory built up for the show in Friendship and some dealer orders worked on. We are very behind on filling wholesale orders and just can’t seem to make a dent in them. The dealers have all learned that we take awhile so they have increased the number of items they order. That means it takes even longer for us to fill them. It can take a week to get just one dealer order out. I am still scratching my head in wonder at the number of tomahawks that go out of here. What are all of you doing with them??? I have figured out that men with sharp pointy things are like women with shoes. You just can never have enough of them!!

So, unless we promised you your order would go out next week, we will not be able to get back to the middle and end of June orders until the middle of September. Please accept-once again-my most humble apologies. We keep looking at how we are doing things and trying to figure out how to do them faster and still maintain our quality. The bottom line is: If you want a handmade product that is made in America by reputable Americans with almost 50 years of service AND carries a lifetime guarantee, then you have to be willing to wait for it. That said, if you are ordering for Christmas, ORDER NOW!!!