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What would you think of a Commemorative Hawk

I was just wondering…..2015 marks the 50th year of H & B Forge Company’s beginning. What would you think of a Commemorative Hawk? I’m thinking we make a limited number of one special hawk, maybe engrave the handle, maybe stamp something special in the head…and once we’ve made say 500 of them, we never make…

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PLEASE get your Christmas orders in ASAP

Well we are back from the show in Friendship, Indiana and trying to plow our way through orders again. I was actually hoping the show didn’t go so well just so I could come home and fill lots of orders! But we sold completely out! We are hoping to fill all of the June orders…

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If you are Ordering for Christmas, ORDER NOW!!!

This week was spent trying to get some inventory built up for the show in Friendship and some dealer orders worked on. We are very behind on filling wholesale orders and just can’t seem to make a dent in them. The dealers have all learned that we take awhile so they have increased the number…

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